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Next cohort this fall

A one-of-a-kind product studio.

Join us this summer for a sprint to create world-class products that solve real problems.

It's time to build.

An initiative for Michigan students to cultivate the builder’s mindset by building impactful software products.


Builder's mindset

Learn and develop a personal framework for you to apply your interests in either engineering, design, business, or growth, and take ideas from zero to one. This mindset can only be taught through actually building a product.


Practical experience

Gain practical skills in your field of interest by working on your summer-long project with a 2-3 other people with complementary skills. Launch your project on Product Hunt and other channels to thousands of people and learn from interacting with your users.


Unique opportunities

We'll help connect you to any opportunity you're interested in — whether that's a fellowship, working on your own company, or joining a high-growth startup. You'll gain access to a community of student builders and alum at premier startups.

We're backed by and come from the best.

Our community members are a part of some of the top student organizations and are affiliated with fast-growing startups and venture funds.

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Build and launch a real product over three months. We can't wait to see what you build.

Next cohort is this fall

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